JLB Photography Pricing List

When shooting Digitally

Shooting rate $200.00/hour with two hour minimum booking
Post production work on digital images plus retouching $60.00/hour
Proof sheets are $10.00 each

When shooting film

Shooting rate is $200.00/hour with two hour minimum booking
Post production work on film images $45.00/hour
Film and processing is $30.00 for 35mm and $40.00 for medium format
Proof sheets are $10.00 each

These are the basic rates and do not take in to account additional expenses
that may be involved in producing a photo shoot (makeup, styling, assistants,
additional gear, location permits, etc.)
All arrangements will be made before a shoot to give the best price possible.


For events that are looking for something different we offer
Instant Portraits on location for you guests with a folder

Set up fee for this type of work is $250.00

For singles and doubles we recommend 4x6 prints
4x6 prints up to 100 are $12.00 each
4x6 prints over 100 prints are $10.00 each

Groups of three and more we recommend 5x7 prints
5x7 prints up to 100 are $15.00 each
5x7 prints over 100 are $12.00 each

Groups of 5 and more we recommend 8x10 prints
8x10 are $20.00 each up to 100.00 prints
8x10 over 100 are $17.00 each


JLB Photography requires a 30% deposit to book the date for you.
Any remaining balance will be due on the day of the event

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